ESG Integration

Climate Risk Management

Financing Sustainability

● Beyond the Horizon: New Tools and Frameworks for Transition Risk Assessments from UNEP FI’s TCFD Banking Programme

This report covers the three primary enhancements to transition risk assessments undertaken by programme participants. First, sector-specific working groups participants explored transition risks in a broad range of economic sectors. Then, Oliver Wyman helped UNEP FI build a user-friendly webtool, Transition Check, to run transition risk assessments using the latest climate scenarios (including the reference scenarios produced by the Network for Greening the Financial System). Finally, the participating banks undertook a comprehensive transition risk heatmapping exercise. This exercise generated insights into how climate-sensitive sectors may be impacted during a low-carbon transition. The heatmaps produced not only evaluate transition risks for sectors overall but also for more granular sub-sectors as well. 

English | 33 pages | Download the report

● An investor guide to negative emission technologies and the importance of land use

As momentum towards net zero rises around the world, this report provides much needed transparency on the importance of land use and the role of Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) in the transition. The report analyses the growth in corporate climate commitments and probes some of the key assumptions in major climate scenarios to uncover opportunities for investors – particularly in forest related nature-based solutions – while also highlighting the risks and uncertainties associated with some negative emissions technologies. 

English | 48 pages | Download the report

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