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Established in 2016, the Measurement Working Group responds to Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) member demand for a systematic approach to assess and benchmark country progress in developing national sustainable finance frameworks. Up to September 2020, this Working Group has comprised representatives from 12 countries and regions and was chaired by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Indonesia Financial Services Authority.


The Working Group has developed and refined a Measurement Framework that was approved by all members and continues to evolve to keep pace with country-level and global developments. The Working Group members provided leadership for SBN’s 1st Global Progress Report and 15 Country Progress Reports in 2018, as well as the 2nd Global Progress Report and 30 Country Progress Reports in 2019. New Co-Chairs and members of the Working Group were announced in October 2020 and are guiding the latest update of the SBN Measurement Framework as well as development of SBN’s 3rd Global Progress Report, which will be published in October 2021. 

SBN 2019 Global Progress Report

SBN 2019 Global Progress Report SBN 2018 Global Progress Report

SBN Global Progress Report in the News

Country Progress Reports

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